Tulip Time FAQ

When is Tulip Time?

Tulip Time in Pella is always the first Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in May. This year, the festival is May 5, 6, and 7, 2022.

How can I order tickets for the Festival?

The event itself is free, however, tickets can be purchased for grandstand seating and museum and city tours. Purchase tickets here. Questions? Please contact Pella Historical Society at 641-628-4311.

When will the tulips be at their prime?

The tulips in Pella are intentionally planted to be at their best during Tulip Time. The gardeners plant a broad variety of tulips with differing maturation dates for the best chance of blooms for the festival. However, Mother Nature always has the last word, so it’s hard to perfectly predict when is the optimal opportunity to see the most tulips in full bloom. After all, bulbs are planted back in October and November of the year before! But, it’s fairly safe to say that you should see beds of tulips in bloom from the week before Tulip Time through the week after.

How much does it cost? 

Many of the events at Tulip Time are FREE! Hundreds of thousands of tulips are planted throughout the town for you to enjoy. Parades wind around the city square, open to the public. The Dutch Market charges no admission. Parking along the streets is free.

There are also many must-see exhibits and shows that charge admission. Entrance fees generally range from $5 – $20.

What are the parade times during Tulip Festival?

We have two parades each day of Tulip Time. The afternoon parade begins at 2:30pm, and the lighted evening parade begins at 8:30pm. The parades make their way down Main Street, around Central Park, and past the Pella Historical Village on Franklin Street.

Do you have a schedule of events for each day?

Yes! Our schedule of events and activities is available here.

Where is the best place to eat during the Festival?

What lodging opportunities are in the Pella area?

Click here to find a list of local hotels. Rooms fill up fast, so call early!

Where is the best place to park when I arrive in Pella?

Click here to learn more about parking on our “Getting Around” page.

What provisions do you have for those who are handicapped or have mobility concerns?

Handicap parking is available on a first come, first served basis at the Pella Public Library parking lot with access from Liberty Street. We reserve a number of accessible grandstand seats for those with physical limitations.

I would like to bring a tour group to Tulip Time. How can I get that organized?

Pella Historical is happy to help you schedule your tour group! Please call or email their Tulip Time office: 641-628-4311 or

How can I get involved in volunteering at Tulip Time?

We’d love your help! Please check Pella Historical’s “Volunteer” page for more information about volunteer opportunities and how to sign up.

Who sponsors/supports the Pella Tulip Time festival?

The festival is one of the major events supported by the Pella Historical Society and Museums. It is an important fundraiser for this organization.

The festival is planned by the Tulip Time Steering Committee, six community volunteers who serve for six years, with one committee member rotating off each year while a new member is trained to take their place.  This committee works year-round to bring the festival to our community and guests.  In addition there are many partnerships that make the festival possible. The City of Pella provides numerous labor hours and support for the festival, as well as the Pella Chamber of Commerce and Pella Convention and Visitors Bureau.  Our evening Feesthouden celebration is sponsored by Central College, and fireworks on Friday night is sponsored by Pella Corporation. Additional community partners are all the volunteers, schools, churches, businesses, and more that support the festival by volunteering, marching in the parade, food booths, and much more.